I love Jamie

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“Jamie Oliver” – probably the first words that will come out of a toddler’s mouth these days. He’s crazy, he’s cookin, he’s courageous and his food is simply smashin’.

As a self-employed actress, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a part-time waitress on the side; the bills have gotta be paid somehow! And besides, working at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant has its perks – I’m basically an undercover food spy who’s highlight of the day is getting to taste the specials. Foodie heaven.

Jamie’s Italian is in Sydney city central and surrounded by skyscrapers, handsome business-suited gentlemen, photo-snapping tourists, smoke stained seagulls and then there’s young Ceire (usually slightly late for work) whizzing down the main street on her brilliant red bicycle, ringing her bell madly as she nearly takes out an unsuspecting pedestrian. From the moment I moved to Sydney over a year ago, I knew that this restaurant was where I wanted to work.

The food is rustic, proper old-school Italian, best quality prosciutto and bocconcini I have ever tasted (and I’ve tasted a lot) and every dish is finished off with a dollop of love. And a story or two.

I’ll try not swamp my blog with too many Jamie Oliver recipes but I have to admit that I’m a big fan and have since developed a passion for describing food with my hands, tasting everything I lay my eyes on and have begun talking with a slight cockney accent.

I love chefs. I love anyone who works in hospitality. It’s hard long hours – and a whiskey after a double shift has never tasted better!


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