Waiting for God(ot)


It’s Saturday afternoon and I get this phone call from a friend who’s friend is connected to someone who’s connected to someone who knows someone who works at the Sydney Theatre Company. There’s a spare ticket to the opening night of Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece; directed by Cate Blanchett’s husband and featuring Hugo Weaving (Lord Elrond from Lord of Rings – one of my all time favorite films) ‘everyone’ will be there… would I like to go? YES PLEASE!

As this is not a theatre crit blog, I will not bore you with my opinion of the acting, staging, and long scenes – which in reality is a 3-hour long philosophical debate about the meaning of life. I will mention though, that apart from meeting Mr Weaving in person (we chatted about the weather and the challenge that every actor faces of ‘living in the moment’) one of the highlights of the evening was undoubtedly the endless supply of French champagne and the Moroccan lamb couscous with raisins, spinach and slivered almonds. They certainly put on a spread for us!

Why does my mind always wander to food? Waiting for God does make you hungry, I guess.


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