li’l Darlin


This is my first restaurant/bar review and I couldn’t think of anywhere better to start than in my own hood with local Surry Hills wine bar Li’l Darlin. It comes alive at night with candles and fairy lights, hot pizza and crispy arancini. Men in suits buy pretty girls artisan cocktails, while hipster musicians sit in corners drinking beer, writing the lyrics to their next song on the paper napkins. The bartenders are cute, the floor staff hospitable and the food is simply delicious. This place is fantastic! They have a new tapas menu and their weekly specials are not to be missed: $10 cocktails after 10pm (Thursday-Saturday) and $5.50 pizza with any drink purchased (Sunday-Monday, 4-7pm.) 420 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills. (02) 96985488.


crazy cocktails, oven baked chocolate brownie swirl, crispy pecking duck pizza. yes please!


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