So… We were supposed to release the next episode of Ceire’s Kitchen about 6 months ago! After a lot of preparation and hard work, we filmed episode 5 but, for various reasons, we were unable to use the footage. I’ve spent the last few months gaining more experience by working on film sets, doing a little course in film making, re-writing the script and hold thumbs – we’ll be filming again in about one weeks time!
What does this have to do with raw chocolate? Well, I had been sponsored various ingredients, by my local shops and while I was very grateful for their support for Ceire’s Kitchen, I sheepishly had to go to each store manager and explain why it was hopefully going to be September (and not March) that I would be releasing the next episode! They were all very understanding and when I went to Josophan’s Fine Chocolate, my dear friend Becky even gave me some raw cocoa beans to experiment with. What a treat!
raw dark chocolate
1/2 cup cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil
3 TBSP raw cacao powder (add more to taste)
2 TSP raw honey (add more to taste)
1 TSP vanilla essence
shot of whiskey
pinch of salt*


1. Grab the raw cocoa beans and grind them up, as fine as possible, in a coffee grinder. If you love texture and a bit of graininess- this is the way to go, if not, use already ground raw cocoa.
2. Place a bowl on top of a pot with simmering water, on the stove.
3. Add this in order: the coconut oil, cocao powder, honey, whiskey and salt.
4. Stir up, give it a taste !
5. In an ice-cube tray, sprinkle a few crushed nuts into each cube.
6. Pour the warm chocolate into each cube and then leave to set in the fridge.
7. Try not eat them all in one go. Or if you do, you might die and go to heaven (and that wouldn’t be so bad either).


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