smoothie and a surprise

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I hear a gentle ‘ggfflat’ at the front door. I’m in the kitchen making my breakfast smoothie – completely preoccupied with perfecting the quantities of kale and banana (It’s taken me half an hour already and I’m not finished and I’m running late and I’m in a bad mood.)

‘What on earth is Jack doing?’ (I tend to blame everything – good and bad – on my poor unsuspecting, housemate)

I stalk over to where the sound came from and there lying on the mat is a beautiful, blue shiny postcard. A hand written love letter from my friend Kirsty – sending news and bright-eyed inspiration from back home. The day just got better.

I accepted imperfection, poured a glass of my breakfast masterpiece, grabbed the card and ate every word with gratefulness.



Kale, banana and almond smoothie

1 large frozen banana

small handful almonds

3 large leaves of raw kale

1 TBS cocoa nibs

½ cup cooked quinoa

¼ raw rolled oats

1 TSP cocoa

3 TSP of honey

¼ cup milk or coconut milk

4 TBS yoghurt

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This is my favourite breakfast in the world. Quinoa is an amazing source of protein, kale keeps you young, chocolate promotes fertility and love, and bananas are creamier and sweeter when frozen. This recipe makes enough for two, so blend all the ingredients in a food processor and pour one for your mother, lover or house mate and begin the day with power from the Greek gods.


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