finders keepers

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It’s a Friday evening. I’m tired after a long day/week/life at work. The Finders Keepers market is happening and my friend Kat begs me to go with her.

If I have to socially interact with one more person I think I’ll faint. She promises that there will be good food.

I’m convinced.

I hop onto my bicycle and pedal as fast as my long South African legs will allow me (pretty damn fast I tell you.) I arrive slightly out of breath and am greeted by a feast for the eyes! Beautiful hand-made goods, live music and of course  – delicious food.

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I was taken in immediately by the brightly coloured juice jars and the birthday cards of delicately drawn fruit. But the highlight of my evening was Farmer Jo and her muesli made in heaven. There’s something about granola with roasted nuts, coconut shavings and dried cranberries that makes me think I could live on this food alone! Sally and her husband Scott (the co-creators of Farmer Jo) happily allowed me to sample all of their different muesli’s while I chatted away to them about recipes and acting and this and that. I was rather pleased to discover that Scott was also an actor and was currently exploring his creativity through this family business venture.

Mmm I’m looking forward to breakfast already.

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