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In South Africa we have a saying: ‘local is lekker.’ The loose translation of the Afrikaans word ‘lekker’ is ‘cool/awesome/delicious.’ I couldn’t think of a better phrase to describe how lucky I felt to have the support of my local grocer, bottle shop and artisan chocolatier in the filming of Ceire’s Kitchen episode 5. Who wants to go to a large, overpriced shopping mall when you can go to a nearby corner shop with a chatty attendant, carefully chosen produce and the feeling of ‘community’?

Local is always lekker.

Maloneys Grocer
Fresh fruit and vegetables with a great selection of cheeses, cured meats and homemade meals in the delicatessen.
4/490 Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.
(02) 9331 3811

The Clock Hotel

Fantastic restaurant/bar that has a courtyard to spend your summer evenings in and a convienant bottle store right next door to collect a last minute bottle of red before dinner…
470 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9331 5333

Jososphans Fine Chocolate’s
Undoubtably my favourite chocolate shop in Sydney. Chocolate made with love where every bite of artisan heaven melts in your mouth.
York St, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 4784 2031

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