Jamie’s Italian

This is the place where it all began! I like to think that Mr Jamie and I share a kitchen – it’s a kitchen full of pots and pans, sliced chilli and roast garlic, chargrilled steak cooked ‘al Mattone,’ Italian swear words, Kahlua drenched tiramisu, hand made bocconcini, the best prosciutto, constantly smelling of Sausage Ragu or dark chocolate fudge brownies or red onion or flame cooked chicken. Late-night, after close-down dancing to Michael Jackson in the office, fake tattoos (an attempt to fit in with the other chefs), cut fingers, coffee and more coffee and ultimately one of the most incredible years of my life. It all began three years ago when I arrived at Jamie’s Italian, Sydney, bright eyed and hopeful, flirted with the manager and convinced him that I was the Naked Chef’s number-one fan and promptly got hired as a waitress at one if the busiest, passion filled, master food restaurant’s in Sydney.


To everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with (and to my big bosses and head chefs): Thank you for letting me into the kitchen. Thank you for (mostly) answering all my questions, thank you for giving me, and Ceire’s Kitchen, a chance!

Here’s to the next thirty years working with Jamie Oliver!



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